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Create a Mortgage Note Broker Website For a Professional Look

In today’s world having a website is imperative to your success. Having a website will make you look more professional and will help your prospects feel better about working with you. Creating such a website is not difficult to do but if you do not have that expertise let me help you with it. I can create a website for you and assist you in presenting yourself more effectively as well.

There are several things you can do with a website to create a professional feel for your potential note sellers.

  • Present a company Bio (About page)

  • Create a contact us page

  • Create a page for reasons to sell a note

  • Create other information pages

  • Create a form to submit a note for evaluation

About us

You do not need to have a grand history in business in order to present yourself well and to implant the idea that you are a legitimate and professional establishment. Simply creating a page on a website that gives details about your business can go a long way in creating an aura of quality in the mind of your potential clientele. Use phrases like we instead of I and talk about your integrity and drive to take care of customers. You do not need to reference your time in business at all on your website. Let your clients make their own assumptions on that topic and just tell them how much you care about them.

Contact us

Having a phone number and even an address on a contact us page can go a long way to help you look professional. Many companies do not offer that kind of information on their website these days and so it is a great relief to see it on a website. If you prefer not to have your personal home address on your site you can get a professional address through a mailbox service like UPS Store which will give you a mailbox at a business location which will look good on the off chance somebody chooses to look you up on Google maps. Your contact us page should contain the following elements:

Company name

Your name (contact name)

Physical address

Phone number

Email address

Hours of operation (be sure to be available and answer the phone professionally during the stated time.)

Information pages

Articles and information pages should give good quality articles that tell clients why it may be valuable to sell their note, how they can “rent” their note (sell part of the payments) and other such articles and valuable information. It is best that this information be original written content but you can borrow articles from other websites and article directories as long as you give credit to the original writer and get permission to use their article. These pages can include reports about current events that may affect  real estate or the private note industry.

Note submission form

It will be very valuable for you to offer a form for your customers to fill out so they can submit their note information in order to get a quote to know what their note might be worth in cash. This form should ask for all pertinent information that you would need in order to present the note to an investor or in order to make a decision yourself as to whether you would want the note or not.

Cost of building a site

The cost for having a website built and for hosting will very greatly. You could pay anywhere from $500 to $50,000 to have a custom site built for you or you can work on it yourself. If you want a simple site created for you with the basic pages I am happy to help you with that and I won’t charge you an arm and a leg. My prices start at $100 and I can host the website for you and give you complete access to modify it when you want to. Just let me know if you are interested in having this added for your business. Mike@NoteDocs.com

When I create a site it will typically require 1 to 2 weeks to complete it unless you would like a lot of custom work.

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