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What is cash flow notes? Cash flow notes are a great money maker but they do not provide an easy approach to making money necessarily. To be honest nothing does. No matter how hard you work to find something "easy" for making money you are still working hard. There just isn't a quick fix for making an income. There are definitely better ways of doing it than others but even that will vary from one person to another. What works best for me might not work best for you. What works best for me today might not be the best thing for me tomorrow. What I hope to clarify here is your need to recognize the necessity for hard work in any business venture. You can say you are teachable, you can say you are willing to work but when it comes to getting results actions speak louder than words.

The first thing therefore that you need to do is accept that the cash flow notes business is NOT an easy business to get into or to survive in. Like any business it requires dedication and hard work often over a period of time. You will also need to expect to contact a lot of people. Your business will run just like any other and will require the same kind of dedication any successful business requires. The first thing you should do then as a business owner is "own your business". This means that you must accept the realities of it. You must accept the work, money and time involved in starting this kind of business and you should go into it with low expectations. If you don't expect much but you work hard to do what is needed then you will likely be pleasantly surprised. This is a much better plan at the beginning than going into a business with the mindset that you can make money with little or no effort.

The next thing you must be willing to do is to truly think about and research what to expect and then set work goals to achieve the result. I have coached people to be entrepreneurs for many years and I'll tell you that no matter what you say going in 90% of you think it is going to be easier than it is. This is largely why most businesses fail in the first 3 years. The business owners don't expect to work for the results or quite honestly don't expect to work without immediate results. If you are going to run your own business you must realize that you will likely have to work it for years before seeing a serious and consistent return of profit. It is not a job. You do not get paid just because you put in a full days, weeks or months work. You only get paid if you keep doing it and learn how to do it right.
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