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Staying Motivated While Starting Your Own Business
How to Set The Proper Expectations

Proper Expectations
Having the proper expectations is probably one of the most important things that will help you stay motivated in the cash flow notes business. If you have a good understanding of what to expect then it is less likely you will get frustrated when things get tough. if you expect it to be hard then the hard times don't seem so rough. If you expect things will be complicated, difficult or confusing and you go into it with open eyes knowing that you will have these trials then they won't surprise you. This is why I harp on the reality of the note business so much.
You will find supposed "gurus" telling you through television how "easy" it is but I'm telling you right now it is NOT easy to run any business. it is not "easy" to setup or start a home business. It is a lot of work. It will require you to work without getting paid for quite some time. that is the nature of a home based business. You have to build it first. You have to start from nothing and create something and that is not an easy process.
So set your expectations from the start at a realistic level. Learn what is needed. Recognize the need for some real serious work and effort up front and Accept that you will have to do this hard work for several months before you will see a return. If you set those expectations and then you work double hard and contact a lot of people and end up seeing your first deal start within a month or so well Great! That's wonderful that you made something happen that soon. be surprised and continue to work hard and expect trouble. When it comes it won't seem so bad.
Now that you have the proper expectations let's talk about attitude. There is a lot that can be discussed around attitude and I am barely going to scrape the surface here but I just want to state how crucial it is. Attitude is all about what you feel, think and believe. It can cover so many avenues and areas of our emotions and thoughts. Basically it comes down to what is discussed in the book and movie "The Secret" which talks about the law of attraction. I think there is much to be gained from this though I do not necessarily subscribe to the belief that it is everything. I think that attitude is a huge part of life.
There will be tough times. There will be struggles, trials and experiences that we simply wish not to have to go through but let's face it, that's life! It is what it is. We will not be able to have a life that does not have some sort of a trial in it. You will have tough times. You will struggle and actually you need to. Life is not about what happens to you but is completely about how you react to what happens to you. Everything you do in life can be improved simply by the way you decide to take it. If somebody says something that could be taken as an offense, it is up to you to determine if you are going to be offended. Do you want to waste energy on that?
Fear is the same way. For most of us it is in our nature to have a certain level of fear when confronted with something new. It might be a big fear or it might be little but there will always be a level of fear when we start something that we have never done or go somewhere we have never gone. the difference between those who are happy and those who are not is often how they react to fear. It is not the issue that confronts us that keeps us from moving forward. It is only ourselves and the fear and how we deal with it. Fear is an emotion. It comes from our feelings and if we use it to motivate us then we can actually become quite productive with a little fear in life.
Only you can cause your success
You are the only person responsible for your success or failure. I started by using the heading of "only you can stop you" but decided to offer a more positive outlook. How many times do we look at the negative side of things in life? Have you ever thought about how that can effect you?, how it does effect you? Decide now that you are going to focus on the positives of life and then do it. Once you decide you will focus on the positives seek help to make it happen. If you are a person who commonly feels down or depressed then it may be more of a challenge for you to change. It is NOT impossible. You can do it and you have to believe that and you have to tell yourself that. Remind yourself often that you are the master of your destiny.
Seek positive and remove negative
Seek positive activities and books. Evaluate your life and see if there are any bad habits you need to get rid of. Recognize them and then remove them from your life. Make sure that if you are trying to remove a negative habit that you replace it with a positive activity. If you do not replace the negative action with a positive one then it will be harder and it will likely return with a vengeance. make sure you find a positive uplifting activity to replace the negative one with. It might be a book. It might be offering service to others or it might be religion. If you seek to improve yourself you will find that you can think more clearly and you will be more successful with your attempts in running your own business.
Tried it, didn't work attitude
Remember that attitude is what we are trying to improve here. Don't get stuck in the "I tried it" phase. That is a quitter mentality. I don't mean to say that until you succeed you should continue to fight for something but I do mean that you need to look for positives and think more about and talk about what you gained from an experience you have been through rather than the negative things that happen. perhaps there are different business opportunities that work better for you. Perhaps you have tried to make one thing work and it didn't work out. That does not mean that you can't start something similar in the future and make it work. If you tried fishing and had a bad day and didn't catch anything and perhaps your line got all tangled you shouldn't avoid fishing for the rest of your life. Get a better pole, new line and go try again with a positive attitude.
Our history is full of stories of successful people who failed over and over again. They were successful not because they never failed but because they never gave up. They looked at what they had done or how they were doing it and tried another avenue. Eventually they found what worked. It worked that way for the light bulb, for Kentucky Fried Chicken, for Walt Disney and so many more. It's not about finding what works easy but rather it is about finding how to make what you want work. If you look at life with a positive outlook and set proper expectations then you will see success.


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