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Staying Motivated as a new business owner

You must learn how to stay motivated in business if you are going to be your own boss. The first thing we all need to focus on if we are starting a new business is staying motivated. We all need a motivator. We all need to motivate ourselves. We need to keep our eyes on the prize so to speak. This is something that you may have a problem doing at first if you are just starting to work on starting your own business with little to no business background and after spending years being told what to do. It’s not just that but as you were told what to do you were also conditioned to see the return quickly. You work for a week or two weeks and you collect a paycheck. You know that if you continue to work as you have that you will get that paycheck.

Pretty soon you are like a mouse in a maze. You know where the cheese is and you go to it when you need it and it is there. It is always there. For some of you there have been upsets in life that have shown you that the cheese is not always there. Sometimes it is moved. Some when this happens will sit down and let depression take over. The cheese is gone. I will never have my cheese again. YOU MUST LET YOURSELF BELIEVE THAT THIS IS NOT TRUE! It has moved, yes. It is going to be hard to find it again, yes but it is out there somewhere. Stay motivated.

The second is that sadly not everybody was meant to be an entrepreneur. It takes a lot of self motivation and knowledge of business and willingness to work even when not seeing a return. When we spend our lives thinking that we need to get a job and work for somebody else and wait for that paycheck we become conditioned. Our creativity lessens. We don’t need it. It’s not our job most of the time. Few if any have the opportunity to truly be creative in their jobs and those who think they do are actually quite limited in that “creativity”. When even your creativity is controlled by another it is hard to truly think for yourself. I’ll tell you this though. I believe that every single one of us has within us what any successful entrepreneur has. We all have the same potential. We all have abilities that will allow us to make it work. We have different talents and abilities that is true but every single one of us, you included can be successful if we truly want to and if we truly apply ourselves.

Seek to be motivated. Seek to stay motivated. Be realistic with your motivation. If you are still wondering what is the cash flow notes business then you need to continue to seek to understand how to properly be motivated. Seek to find the secret needed for you to move forward and make the most out of your business. I cannot offer free coaching for you but I am happy to pass on as much motivation as possible in my newsletters. I’ll put together a list of motivation factors that have helped me and let you see some of the best things to help you succeed.

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