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Who Makes The List?
Check List for including Professionals in your monthly Newsletter group:
As you are visiting all of these professionals, keep a mental check list for deciding which professional will be included in your small select group that will receive your monthly newsletter. This is how to find cash flow notes through networking. You may prefer to hand deliver this newsletter to each professional until you get your first deal from him. After that, you will mail them to him. Of course, you will still continue to see him at various business luncheons and dinners (and, of course, playing golf). Here are the tests that a professional must pass to be included in your small select group:

1. You must speak to the boss. If you have been by the office three times and still have not talked with the boss, forget about him. HE IS NOT A PROSPECT or he would have called you or asked his secretary to set an appointment with you for the next time that you stop by.

2. When you speak with the boss, he must understand that you buy notes you do NOT make loans. If you don't make this perfectly clear, someday he will call you and say something like "I have a client who is building a shopping center. Can you LOAN him $20,000,000? We do not MAKE loans, we BUY notes.

3. When he understands what you do, directly ask him, Do you have clients that have notes like this? If he says No, say Goodbye and you're outta there. There is no reason to ever go back. He is not prospect.

4. If he says, "Yes, I have clients like that", then directly ask him if he will refer the next client that needs to sell a note to you. If he says that he will, then this he has become one of that small select group that will receive your newsletter once a month. On rare occasions, a professional may say, "I already have another investor that I refer those clients to." Your response is, "Well, that's a great service that you provide for your clients. Do you mind also referring them to me? That way your client can get competing bids for his note and choose the offer that makes him the most money."

There is another approach for marketing with professionals that may work in today’s economy. This new approach is Email marketing. The following information approaches the idea of sending emails to professionals. This is something that may give you a way to contact these professionals with limited time. If you have responses from this approach you will still want to have newsletters to send later on.

Email is becoming more and more used and useful in today's world. There is a lot that can be done through this media to enhance or further your business. First you will want to find the email addresses to send to. These can be found fairly easy on the internet if you learn about the basics of search engines. Do a search for the professionals you want to find and then search through your results to find the email addresses and contact information for them. Copy the details to your computer in a document.
Once you have a good list of email contacts you can start sending the emails out. Make sure your message is a direct email and not an attachment and then send it out in such a way as to seem personal and individual to each recipient. Bulk mailing will work if you have the software available to put all addresses in and have each email sent out one at a time. If you do not have access to such bulk mailing software then create a draft email in your email account that you will setup for this approach and send each one out individually. Your message on the email should be simple and direct. Don t waste their time trying to explain the whole business. They will not read it if it has too much information. Make a simple letter that states that you are an investor looking for real estate notes to purchase and that you will give cash to any of their clients who would like to sell. Then give your contact information and let them call you back or email you back. If they have the need they will call. Let the numbers work and be patient.
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