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Working the cash flow notes business is a good honest way to make money but it is not an "easy" necessarily. I know it is often pitched that way but let’s be serious, anything that is really worth it is going to take some serious work. It is easy to say it was easy once you figure it all out and have things running. That does not mean it is easy to get to that point however. If you are looking to make money in the cash flow notes business then the first thing you need to do is set your attitude to Tenacious.
 It is going to take a lot of work and a lot of numbers in all you do to really be successful at it. It will also take a lot of time dedicated to the proper activities. Ultimately making the cashflow business is a marketing business. You have to get out there one way or another and find prospects and in order to do that you have to market to them. The idea is a simple one but truly understanding and implementing it will take hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars. The pay off can be great but only if you stick it out with the proper activities.
 As you market to your prospects, people who hold notes, you need to keep track of all that you do. You will want to build a large list of leads and continually market to them and continually add to your list. As you get responses you need to be able to categorize them for what they are and you need to know how to deal with them. Being prepared to take care of their needs is what will make the difference between getting the deal done or not. If you are able to find their true need and present an offer that will take care of that need then you can close it and make money. If your prospect does not have a great enough need right now then you need to keep them on a list to contact each month to remind them you are here so that you will be contacted when they do have a need.
Prepare for success in your business:
  • Build a list of mortgage notes leads
  • Prepare a marketing campaign
  • Perform your marketing
  • Document and categorize your responses
  • Continue marketing
  • Diversify your approach
    • direct mail
    • referral pipeline
    • find the notes before they are created
  • Repeat the process
Document your work and evaluate what works well and what doesn't. One of the things that many who start this business do not seem to understand is that this business requires consistent effort. You need to do the required work over and over again and you will likely need to contact a lot of people (thousands) before you are going to start seeing results. Do not start this business with the idea that you can start the business, make money fast from the first few efforts and then have money for yourself and your business. It simply is not going to be that easy and one who recently and for some time in fact advocated that idea of "easy money" is now out of business and possibly facing jail time. Plan on working it as a real business. Give it the effort needed and do the research you need to in order to see great results.

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