I am still seeing advertisements for seller financing and owner financing every day. It is very much alive and for many sellers the best way to get their property sold. This business is alive and well and if you do things right you can make a lot of money with private mortgage notes. I just want to take a moment and revisit the different options for marketing your business. I’m still amazed and I’ll admit it a bit annoyed that many still think there is some sort of “secret” out there that will make them rich. Well, there certainly is a secret. It’s called work.

There are some techniques that perhaps you are missing in your business but most often the only reason for failing in business is because the work is not done continually with the technique applied. The reason for failure is not the technique itself but rather the lack of application or improper application. There is very little in any business that requires only a small one time application. Most marketing requires consistent effort . Let’s discuss some of the main marketing approaches again.

  • ┬áDirect Marketing -Marketing direct to note holders is still a favorite for many. Often this is simply because some people are more comfortable when they don’t have to talk to prospects. This happens a lot when somebody is new to the business and perhaps not a real people person. To that individual I say, great starting option but plan on stretching your comfort zone. The other reason direct mail is used is because that way you don’t have to waste time talking to people who are not interested. You only talk to those who express some interest. This can be a great time saver to allow you to put time into other aspects of your business.
  • Referral Marketing -Referral marketing is a very valuable option for any business but can be especially effective with the mortgage notes business. This technique will require years of building a pipeline to be effective for you but as you continue contacting your referring professionals and you take care of their customers you will develop a lifelong resource for notes. This is one of those things you should put time into while working on the direct mail approach.
  • FSBO -Help Create Notes -Perhaps one of the best options for working the mortgage notes business is to get involved up front. Find the sellers who are offering seller financing or who may benefit from offering seller financing and help them create the perfect note. If you have been in this business any amount of time and have talked to some note sellers you know how many junk notes there are out there. If you work with the property seller right from the start you have a much better chance of having a note that will interest an investor.
  • Classified Ads -Another option is to create ads that will bring in potential deals. This option to marketing can actually be used in a number of different ways. You can place an add indicating that you are willing to buy seller finance notes. You can place an add indicating you have notes to sell to find local investors. You can place an add to let FSBO sellers know that you can help them sell their home. You can even look through the ads that are posted to find others listing notes they want to sell or to find home sellers you can contact to help sell with a note.

find out what option works best for you and be persistent in applying it. Test different things. Try different ads and text to see if one thing changes your results and most of all remember that more than anything it is a numbers game. This is not a business you can “try”. You either do what it takes or you are not in business.

I have often been asked what services I suggest for postcard printing and mailing. There are a lot of options out there and a lot of companies who will do these services for you. Not all are created equal however. I have done a lot of research on this topic and searched to find the best companies I can for such services. I would recommend that you work with a company who can do both the printing and mailing of the postcards for you. One great option is PSPrint and you can get 40% Off Postcards through them with this link. they can print 1000 cards for you for as little as $120.

The mailing costs from these companies are often lower than your cost would be to put your own stamp on it. You really can’t beat it.

Another option is The Loan Marketer. They are a little higher price but offer some great templates already that will work great including the following example:

Mortgage Notes Marketing

These are two quality companies I know who will get the job done.

Another great one is PGPrint. They also have some great opportunities available. See the deals is offering this month!

I’m often surprised by the options available to us from the many different networking opportunities we have at our fingertips today. With technology like it is we are able to network with people all around the world in seconds. It is truly amazing and it can be very lucrative for you if you have the right mind set. Mortgage notes can be found through a little bit of networking through online classifieds for example. You can create your own listing on many free websites these days and you can also search through listings that others post to find options that can mean money for you.

  • Post an add offering to buy Private notes
  • Contact private sellers who offer seller finance
  • Promote your website
  • Post an add offering to assist FDBO sellers
  • Contact FSBO ads to discuss the option of seller financing

The bottom line is there are options all around you and you only need to be open to them. If you focus only on the stresses and worries of life then you will find it difficult to be creative and think outside the box. Do more to find solutions. Close your eyes and calm your mind when a stressful problem comes about and then with a clear head think about creative options that might help you find solutions. In business this is often called creative thinking or “thinking outside the box”. It is a must for any successful entrepreneur.

While there is a lot of work involved in finding mortgage notes and perhaps even more in getting a note holder to sell a note there are some shortcuts worth talking about. If you are not really computer savvy you may not be familiar with all the options available to you online but since we are heading more and more into a computer and internet age it is a good idea to learn what you can about operating your business online. Today I am going to share a tip that will allow you to find seller carry back mortgage notes free of charge and even better BEFORE they are even created.

If you have never heard about Google Alerts I suggest you get signed up right away. Google offers a lot of valuable free services that can make your business easier. Google Alerts is just such a service. With Google Alerts you can enter a key phrase to have google search and then set up an “alert” to be sent to your email when something new is posted to the internet about that topic.

You can use this option to enter a key phrase such as “seller finance” and whenever a new posting on a classified site online is posted to the internet you will be notified. Just think of the power of such an option. Now when such an offer is placed online you can call or email the seller of said property and possibly have access to a great contact! Perhaps they have existing notes, You might be able to broker or buy the note to be created or help them create other notes and connect them with investors to buy them.


I decided to create a new series of articles today that will cover more details of the steps and resources needed to work the mortgage notes business. There are some great opportunities that some of you may be missing simply because you are not looking for them. I took two approaches to the articles and will update them more as time goes on. I decided to create some details for those just starting the business to once again clarify some basic steps and ideas needed. I then took some time to discuss options for investors who are buying or who want to start buying notes.

One of my recent articles discussing these points will soon be placed on some online article sites and some of the others are available on my articles page found here. I hope you enjoy the mew material and please let me know if there is a topic you desire more information on. I would be happy to provide more details.

One of the hardest things for most people who start their own business is getting motivated or staying motivated in the face of new challenges. I have coached people to start their own business in real estate, notes and other endeavors for years and the only thing I have ever seen that can defeat any of them is fear. If you do not know how to react to the challenges that come your way and if you let fear take hold then you lose confidence and everything looks ten times harder than it is.

I have struggled to get this point across to so many individuals over the year and with many I succeed. With some the fear is just too much and they succumb to it and give up. Running your own business is not easy. There are no easy answers. If you have watched the news or paid attention to the note industry this past year then you may know that one of the big infomercial names of the industry has been taken down for suggesting that this business is “easy”. It simply is not and if you expect to succeed you have to first accept that anything worth it is going to take effort. In the coming days and weeks I intend to put more information out about the need for a winning attitude in order to succeed. I will work to add many posts with details to assist you through the tough times of starting a business and I will work to give good insights that will help with having a winning attitude.

I will also work to update and add to my articles page. I will provide new content and update those articles that have been written about marketing the note business. Keep an eye on the site and feel free to let me know if you have some specific questions or things that you struggle with. I’d be glad to give insights as best I can to help you overcome the challenges you see in your business.

Is it a good time to invest in mortgage notes? There is so much talk about a bad economy and job loss and many feel a feeling of “doom and gloom”. Some might be led to think that this is not a good time to begin your own business. This mentality could not be farther from the truth. This is a great time for people to start their own business. The problem with starting your own business is not timing but attitude. I don’t mean that in the strictly Negative vs Positive way. What I mean is that we are all conditioned right now to be followers and workers and not leaders and thinkers.

It is a great time to work the note business because of the problems in the economy. With the issues we have seen in the banking industry there has been an increase in seller financing to help get deals closed. There are more investors closing deals with owner financing. There are more sellers being open to the idea of holding a mortgage note in order to sell a property. It is precisely what we need at this time in our history. We need a change that puts more power in the individuals rather than large institutions that are often corrupt.

This change in our economy means that as note brokers and investors there are many more opportunities. The notes are there. There is an increases rather than a decrease but you have to be prepared to do what is necessary to make the business successful for you. If you are starting this business with hopes of a change that is needed in your life then it is important that you keep in mind that the change has to come from within. It is not the business that will return to you what you want but rather you who will cause the business to grow and thus give you the return you are looking for.

I have written many articles on these topics for understanding how to run a business and how to market this business specifically. Be sure and review these articles for further insight and create the attitude that helps you become the business owner you want to be.

One of the things that you need to always think about with the cash flow notes business is the need to be creative. Even more than that is to be creative in solving the problems of others. You will close more deals if you work hard to find, recognize and resolve the note holder’s problem. If you are only thinking about making a buck then you have already lost the deal most of the time. This is a hard concept for many to truly accept, after all you are in business to make money right? This is true but like anything in life, your success is more related to how you treat others than you might think.

Those who succeed are usually the ones willing to think about how to best serve others. Your service or product will be better if you strive to make certain your customer is taken care of. In the cash flow notes business this means you need to find out where the mortgage note holder’s pain is.

  • Why are they thinking about selling?
  • How much do they need to solve their pain?
  • Can they resolve their problem with a partial sale?
  • How can you help them get what they want?

Sometimes getting an understanding of what the note holder needs is as simple as asking them why they want to sell. Other times you might need to be a little more covert in your questioning. Sometimes people are private and don’t want to share with you their “pain”. They don’t realize that knowing this will help you resolve their situation and find you a solution. You might just try telling them with a comment like this: “John, I can help you best if I understand why you need the money. Sometimes you can get what you need without losing the entire investment you know is so valuable. Can you give me a bit of clarification of why you are selling?”

This kind of questioning may help you to ease the “need” out of the mortgage note holder and that will give you the power you need to begin working on a solution for them. Most of all, be sure that the note holder knows you are interested in finding the perfect solution for them.

Every business has it’s struggles and with most the biggest issue is getting the right customers. Without the customer there is no business after all. In this business the customer is the noteholder and you need to do the work of finding note holders. Not only do you need to find notehoders but you need to find the ones who want to sell their note. Thus the question: “how do you find cash flow notes?”

Well, here I would like to talk abotu some options with post cards. I want to be clear that this is not the only approach that will work but I also want you to be clear on what is required. I’ve worked with a lot of people over the years and I can’t tell you how many think that they will make their first deal with the first small mailing. Sorry folks, it just doesn’t happen that way for most. It’s an expensive lottery ticket and if that is your expectations or hopes it is nothing more than a lottery ticket. I say this first to help you realize that this is a business and you should run it like a business and treat it as such. If you don’t have the proper expectations then you are just wasting time and money. You must be serious and you must accept the reality of business.

Direct marketing is an interesting form of marketing and has been around for many many years. Direct marketing in the note business has also been around for many many years and anybody who holds a note has most likely been contacted by other marketers so you need to stand out.

Here are a few ways to stand out in your mailings:

  • Be sure to use some logo or simple design on all mailings
  • Repeat mail to your list at least once a quarter
  • Try creative options such as “Don’t sell your note! Rent it instead”
  • Test multiple approaches, tropical picture card, money picture, blank hand written, simple printed…
  • Add new leads to your list often

Remember that this should only be part of your business. You should also be working on building a referral pipeline and perhaps try to work with FSBO sellers too. I’ll give some tips pretty soon on other ways to find notes with no cost.

I have decided to give away some leads to one lucky winner. I will provide 500 note holder leads to a random winner at the end of this month. All you need to do is sign up for our newsletter through the sign up on the right of this page. You can also post a comment or question on our posts but please do NOT Spam just to get a link. Such posts are deleted and marked as spam and will not be entered.

I am however very interested in answering any legitimate questions you might have about the business or marketing. I will be posting many great insights on creative ways to market the note business this year and you will be updated with an email every time there is a new post.

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