I received a question the other day that I felt was worth answering to everybody. I think the information provided will be helpful for all working the note business.

Q.I was given the name of your comapny by Donna Bauer as a source for leads, you say you have worked this for man years in your opinion what have you seento be the most
effective way to market the leads to be successful

A.The most important thing I have seen over the years to be valuable for an effective note business is repeat marketing. You need to continually market to your list on a quarterly basis. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Be sure to create some kind of logo or simple image that will be recognized on each of your mail pieces. This will help the note holder feel like they know you as they see more of your mailings with that same marking.
  • Clean your list. As you mail to your note holders you will have some mail pieces come back undeliverable. Remove those items from your list so you do not mail to them again the next time you mail out.
  • Build your list each time. You should add more leads to your list each time you mail so your list is always growing with new leads.

Any kind of marketing is a numbers game and this business is no different. Ultimately, the most important thing to make sure you are successful is to communicate well on the phone when the note holder calls you back. You need to find their needs and help them achieve what they need.


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