According to CPA Practice Advisor the mortgage industry is seeing an increase in jobs recently compared to recent years. The industry took quite a hit in 2008 and many investors were left holding the bag, often an empty bag. Our government vowed to change the industry so that we would not see the terrible issues we experienced that year. Whether there is real valuable change happening or not is a matter of discussion. I hear of the same tactics in mortgage lending and banking today in the commercials that are played every day for these same big banks. Well not all the same because some were bought out when things got rough. Bought for pennies on the dollar I might add.

Legislation continues to be pushed to attach our little industry of private notes. It has always been a small niche industry compared to conventional lending and the banks who run our world would rather we not have the option of private financing. It’s important for us to stay vigilant and be sure that our right to create private financing and to trade and broker in private financing be kept alive.

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