Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to direct marketing you need the tips that will teach you how to be successful and sometimes we focus so much on the end result we desire that we don’t see what we are doing wrong that should be plain and easy to recognize. That is why it is important to get back to the basics. Understand the foundation principles to marketing and review them often. Success lies in the basic details more often than in the advanced and complicated strategies we often try to find. Here are some tips to help keep you on track.


  1. Use a captive title, headline or call to action 
    A call to action get their attention and tells them what you are offering or what you want them to do.  Whether you are using a call to action or just a headline you need to captivate their attention in one to three seconds. Some examples are written here for you.
    -Get your money today!
    – Don’t sell your note! (then tell them they can get money without selling the note and it opens an opportunity to discuss a partial payment sale instead of a full sale.)
    -You Deserve it!
  2. It’s not about you 
    This is perhaps the hardest part for most new entrepreneurs to understand and to really internalize. It is crucial that you accept the crucial role of taking care of the customer first. If your only goal is to make money then you have already lost. You must decide to do whatever is needed to take care of the client. This means you need to know their pain. You need to know their desires and then you need to be focussed on bringing a solution to the table that will take care of their needs.
  3. Be clear about the benefits
    Use a quick, simple and concise list of possible benefits for them
  4. Don’t reinvent the wheel
    Learn about the basic rules of direct marketing and then follow those techniques and remember that they are used for a reason. They have been tried, tested and proven effective. There will be a need for some critical and creative thinking for images, logos and presentation but the basic rules that worked 10 years ago will still work today.
  5. Repeat market to your list
    This is perhaps another of those weak points for most. You come into the business telling yourself and others that you are ready for hard work but what happens when that first mailing that required a money sacrifice does not give a quick ROI? Most clients don’t make a decision from one marketing piece. It will usually take several attempts and contacts before you will realize a bite and the first bite you get may not be your first sale. You better be in it for the long haul and be ready to work your business for a while before expecting a return.

If you intend to be successful these are some of the basics that must be remembered. review the basics and stick to the basics remembering that you are in business to help the client and you will see more results in your business.

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