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If you don't have a website for your business you could be missing out on a lot of business. Even if you don't market your website online it can be a great tool to present yourself to potential clients. Find out how you can get a professional website on a very low budget. 
Cash flow notes business expectations
This is just a little article to help you get your head straight about what it takes to run your own cash flow business.
Many people think it is "easy" and that there is little or no work involved. Hopefully you understand that is not the case.
Set your expectations and start the research
Another basic article to help you understand  the mindset needed to run your business
Staying motivated while starting your own business
Motivation is one of the most important things in running your own business. I hope this article will help you get the right mindset. If you feel that you are already there then feel free to move on to one of the other articles more suited to your current needs.
Postcards for marketing
Should you use color or black and white? this article goes into detail about the options of marketing and potential returns you can expect.
Cashflow notes motivation
Did I mention motivation is important? Too many overlook this element of business or don't understand why it is so important. if you are not prepared for it, frustrations can kill your business early.
Working with referral sources part 1
One powerful approach to the note business is building a group of professionals to help you build a pipeline of potential note deals.
Working with referral sources part 2 Second part of building a list of professionals for referrals 
Working with referral sources part 3 Article 3 of building a list of professionals for referrals 
Working with referral sources part 4 Final (for now) article on building your professional pipeline 
Learn some of the details to marketing with postcards to your list of note holders
Post card marketing-3 More on postcard marketing with details and examples 
Post card marketing-4 Final article on postcard marketing
 Buying Mortgage Notes
A beginning look at options to start investing in your own portfolio or some ideas that you have not thought about to help you find notes to add to your current portfolio. 


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