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I had a question come in from a new note broker today about how to effectively market the note business. This individual indicated they had sent out 500 post cards to note holders with little response. I felt my response would be valuable to many so I have decided to create a post here with the details. The most important thing I can say about starting any kind of business is that it is not an easy or fast process. With the note business there is a need for a lot of marketing to be done. With any business this is the case. You should never expect quick results with small amounts of effort put in. I don't mean to be offensive but just want to be clear about what it takes to be successful. If you understand what is needed going in then your expectations will be better and you will be happier with the results or at least understand what is required.
The work needed with the note business is to market to thousands of note holders over a period of time. It is also very important to network with as many referral sources as you can. You simply should not expect to see results from your first 1000 contacts. If it happens that's great! consider yourself one of the lucky ones but keep working on your business. There are many ways to make contacts and to market your business and you have to choose what approaches you are willing to do in order to help your business grow. The more you do the more success you will see. If you limit yourself with the options either because you are not willing to do certain approaches or because you have budget limitations then you simply need to recognize that those limitations will effect how long it takes for you to start seeing success.
Consult a coach who can guide you in your business. I have been coaching people for many years to work their own business and while I focus more on eBay and website marketing these days with www.FunToMoney.com and other sources the requirements to be successful in your own business are much the same regardless of what you are doing. If you intend to start your own business and see it succeed you need to be ready to do a lot of work. With postcard marketing that means you should really be doing 1000 or more mailings per month for at least 6 months before you even decide how that is working for you. If that is not feasible for you due to budget restraints then you should probably focus on a different business to help you build up some cash flow or focus a lot of time on making personal face to face contacts with local professionals who might have some referrals for you.
There are many opportunities out there and often they are made to look easy and sadly the truth is there is no easy way to build a business. You have to put a lot of work into it no matter what you are going to do and you need to put forth that work and effort consistently without seeing any reward for several weeks or months and sometimes even years. Running your own business is very different from working a job and there is a reason most don't succeed. Most people who register a business don't start with the proper expectations or knowledge. I started two different businesses before I finally got it right and was able to start growing and seeing success. Years later I don't remember all the things I did wrong but I am glad I stuck with it to build what I have today.
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