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Notes To Sell

There are literally thousands of notes available out there for sale but how do you find them? It
is crucial that you be creative in the cash flow business if you intend to survive and thrive
with  your business. You have a lot of competition and often that competition is more creative or
more  experienced than you are. This is not a business for the weak. You must be able to present 
confidence in every way if you intend to find note holders who have notes to sell. There are 
several aspects to your marketing strategy that you must implement.

You are going to have to accept that this business is a business of numbers. You will need to 
contact, one way or another hundreds if not thousands of note holders. If you think you can do 
this business and make serious money without doing so then you are wasting your time, what little
 of it you are willing to put into the business. This is the first thing you must accept if you 
are going to be successful. It takes big numbers to make this business happen.

Creative Technique
You must be creative in your marketing approach and test many different styles and formats. if 
you are doing direct mail then you need to test many different approaches to find out what works 
best. I can give you some examples here to get you thinking but then it is up to you to make it 
your own and to appeal to the note holder. For example, many note holders know that the cash flow
 they have coming in each month is valuable. Do they have notes to sell? That depends on how you 
approach it. If they know of the value of the note then they might think they don't want to sell 
it but they may still have a need for money now. If this is the case and you can provide a 
solution that lets them keep the note then you can close the deal. You might start with a simple 
phrase on your marketing piece then that says "Don't sell your note!" This is often the complete 
opposite of what all your competition is doing and may get the note holder's attention.

Provide a Solution
When you do get a call from a note holder assure them that you can provide a solution that will 
work for them and then work hard to find that solution. If they have a need for money but that 
need would not require as much as they would get from selling the entire note then let them know 
that you can help them get money out of the note without selling it. Many investors will be 
willing to work some very creative purchase options for a "partial" note purchase. You don't even
 have to come up with all the details for such an idea. You can let the investor come up with the
 details once you explain to them the note holder's need.

The bottom line is you need to do what others are not willing to do or what others have not
thought about. This is often all that is needed for you to have an edge over your competition.
Starting with a simple phrase on a postcard that says "Don't sell your note!" can often get your
foot in the door when others won't have a chance. There may be other similar phrases that you can
use as well. How about this list?

Rent your note instead of selling.
Get your money but keep your note.
Get money now and keep your payments too!


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