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Note Lead Criteria


When sending out post cards I have found that more responses seem to come from 3 year old or newer leads.  This does not mean that you cannot get results from older leads. You will get results from them as well. When you contact older leads you will find that more of them have sold the note or the note holder has moved so you will get more cards back undeliverable.  There will still be plenty who will contact you and they are often more serious about selling their note. You will just see more of your marketing efforts fall to the way side. In reality it is not much different than the final results from the newer leads in volume. You will just see more contact happening generally with the newer leads. I generally recommend that "newbies" start with the list of newer leads because you will not get frustrated as easily.

Dollar amount

In order to have room for a good commission you will want to work with leads that are $30,000 or more in the beginning dollar amount (face Value). This will help give you the chance of dealing with notes that are high enough that investors will want to buy them. If the note is smaller than $20,000 there are very few investors who will have interest in buying them. Requesting the dollar amount does not guarantee that the people will call you with a larger note however. It just means that you are marketing to those who appear to have notes big enough to buy. It does not mean that note still resides with them nor does it mean that they do not have other notes to sell. I would not suggest asking for a minimum range of much more than $30,000 because as you will see when you start this marketing, the majority of the notes on the market are less than $100,000. If you put your minimum higher than that then you are missing a huge part of the market you could be marketing to. There are occasionally large notes you will be able to work with. Don't be afraid to market to them but don't focus only on the large notes either.

Note State

When you select the note leads you want to market to you have the ability to specify the state. You may be inclined to select states that are near you but keep in mind that some states simply don't have a lot of private notes or don't have them available from our database or others. This is usually the case when the states or counties do not offer their information through online or easy computer access. Some states still only allow public record to be viewed and extracted in person and by writing down the details. They will often not even allow you to print the data. With these areas you should plan on going to the courthouse personally if you desire those leads. just keep in mind that if you don't want to do the work to find the leads personally then you need to broaden your area enough to allow you to find the number of leads you want to work with.
Volume & Consistency

Volume and Consistency are the next things to look at with this approach to marketing.  Start with 5000 leads and no less. Anything less than this is not going to get you the results you need and it will be very easy to get frustrated. Remember that you have to go at this with complete confidence and belief. This approach to marketing will not require you to put much out in the way of personal time or effort but it will be the most expensive approach I will discuss. The marketing must happen consistently. I suggest a minimum of 1000 cards per mailing.  That mailing can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly but do 1000 at a time.  If you are mailing fewer then the it will take much longer to see results. Just set your expectations appropriately. If you want to be aggressive and see faster responses then send out 5000 cards or more right away with a mass mail.  Then do a consistent weekly or bi-weekly or monthly campaign.  I do not recommend doing much more than 5000 in the first mailing.  It would be a good idea to send them out in two to 5 mailings. 

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Being consistent in the marketing is one of the most important parts of this approach to marketing. You must send out more cards than just the first batch and you must send them out before you see responses from the first one. You may need to mail post cards for two or three months like this before you see results. Most people will see results within the first 3000 cards or so but you cannot expect that. You should also see at least one or two deals out of the first 5000 cards but that also is not a guarantee. Therefore the most important part of this type of marketing is to be consistent with it.

Make sure you have a budget setup for this business and that the budget will allow you to be consistent with your marketing. You should be sending out at least 1000 per month but you will see results happening faster if you are doing that much per week. Then keep sending consistently and don’t just wait to see what happens with this first mailing.  You cannot judge your business and what is going to happen with it in the future based on one mailing.  This must be a consistent marketing approach so do it right.  Also do not limit yourself to leads in your own area.  You should be mailing to people all over the country. If this is not something you can do then I would suggest you choose a different form of marketing. Remember that this is not the only way to go.

I do NOT recommend repeat mailing to the same individuals. At least not in close succession. That approach may bring more results from the one list but it will actually cost much more in the long run than buying a new list of note holders each time.  If you wish to just repeat mail to the same people just keep in mind that it will take a lot more marketing to that list before you see much more results. You may need to market to them 4 or 5 times before seeing more happen from that list.
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