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Repeat Marketing to the Same List
Many people who live as marketers will tell you that you will get better results from repeat mailing to the same individuals. There is something to that but I will explain to you how to do it that way and why you may not want to. If you are going to repeat mail to the same individuals keep in mind the budget for mailing. You still have to send out the cards and you may need to do it many times. It will work for you if you can make sure they recognize your card as something special. They will be getting hundreds of cards from others as well. The only way to make a repeat mailing campaign work for you is to make some kind of logo on your card that they will not forget. It can be something very simple but it must be yours.

This is one area where I will not give you examples because if I did then it would no longer be unique because there would be plenty of you who would choose to just take my design and use it. Then before long the market would be flooded with them and they would no longer stand out. It may be just a circle with certain color fill. It might be a double colored circle or square or triangle. Maybe your picture on each and every card. maybe a butterfly or other insect or animal. It really doesn't matter as long as it is your identifier and as long as it accompanies everything you send out. Make it yours and make it a small part of your mailing. That is right, I said a small part. It should not be the full size of the card.

Now that I have told you how to do repeat mailings if you choose to, let's talk about why I have not done it. When repeat mailing and especially if the card looks similar the second time to what you sent out the first time you need to understand that they will not know yours from another person’s card most of the time. Unless you do a very good job of the above mentioned technique all they see is another post card. For all they know all these cards they keep getting over the years are coming from the same person. I have talked to many note holders who state that they want me to stop sending them all these cards. I only sent one. They had no clue who was sending them. they don't generally look at the name and contact info or even the card at all unless they decide they are going to sell their note. If they are not going to sell their note then they just throw it away and they do that over and over again until they change their mind or until they have one of those bad days when they get a lot of junk mail and decide to call everyone who sends it and tell them to stop.

Toll Free Number

A toll free VM number will be very helpful in your marketing.  In fact I would not suggest starting any business without it. I suggest using EVoice for your toll free number. They offer 6 months free and a low monthly cost that allows multiple extensions. It is a great service that offers a lot. The toll free number is a must if you are running a business like this because you want to make it very easy for your customers to contact you. It is a small cost ($12.95 per month or so) and I would not recommend doing business without it.

eVoice 6-Month Free Trial

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