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There are two options for the full color card front.  

   1. Use a card with a pretty picture to get them to turn the card over.  A tropical scene or something unusually beautiful.
   2. A pretty picture with a message written on it.  The idea here is simply a backdrop for our message.

Both options will bring results.  The idea behind the one with a beautiful beach scene or similar beautiful scene is that they will wonder who sent it and where they are.  Is it someone they know?  They will turn the card over and there see our offer to give them cash.  The other approach will have a beautiful scene or a handshake or money or some combination of those and the message that they have another chance to get their money or Cash Now.  This works well with newer leads that have just sold within the last few years.


The front of the card should read:

Your 2nd Chance

To Get your


From the

Property you sold


Some other options for the front of the card:

(Focusing on older leads or larger note leads)

Don’t Sell Your




Your Note Instead of Selling it!


Get Cash

from Your Mortgage

Note Without Selling it!


Increase the Amount of the


from your Mortgage Note!


Get Your Mortgage

Note to Pay Off Quicker!


Receive ALL of the Payments

on your Mortgage Note in


 The back (address side) of the card should read:

(aligned left)

Do you know you

can get cash by

selling All or Part of

your mortgage note?

Contact Mike @




Clip this card to

your NOTE for

future reference!

 (Notice that “all” and “part” are different colors and All is bold and Part is italicized)

Black and White "budget" cards:

If you are not ready to commit to sending out thousands of cards through mass mail then you may be more comfortable with doing them by hand. that is really the only other option I would recommend. If you want to do handwritten card then use the following script on the front of the card and just the addresses on the back.

Did you know you can get cash by

selling All or Part of your mortgage note?


Contact Mike @ 800-123-4567


Understanding the Statistics:

No matter how you do a direct mail approach you should expect no more than ½% response.  This is an average after consistent marketing over time. That does not mean that you will get that return each and every time. It is what we see over a long period of time. DO NOT EXPECT IT EACH TIME. This seems to be one of those areas where people just don't get it. Understand what a statistic is and how they are determined. It is not a solid guarantee. It is something that shows what has happened in the past. Overall these may be the results you see when you market consistently over a year or two. If you only do it for a month or three months or even six you may not see the same numbers because you have not given it enough time.

Returned cards:

   It is also important for you to understand that you will get some of these cards coming back undeliverable.  People move and things change over time.  You will see between 10% and 30% coming back at you undeliverable.  I just through them away and forget them and move on with the next ones. The leads you purchase are public record and are sold by anyone who wants to sell them.  There is no such thing as an exclusive lead.  Some people will respond saying take me off you list or stop sending cards.  This is part of the business and you can’t let that bother you.

 Next week we will talk about other strategies for finding notes.  However, this strategy will get one of the quickest responses for you.  This is a strategy that will get money in your pocket in a quick amount of time.

 Action Steps to begin this approach of marketing:

   1. Review this material and make sure you understand it. (don't over analyze, just understand it)
   2. Order some leads.
   3. Start creating your post cards this week.
   4. When creating the cards use the exact info I have listed or do a long term test if different.
   5. Contact me with any notes that come from your marketing efforts.

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