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Getting Results from Postcard Marketing

There are many different ways to market in order to find notes. Today I want to discuss some options for postcard marketing. For some of you this will be the preferred method. This is one of those "invisible" marketing methods. You can do it without being seen by any of those you are working with and without having to spend time talking to people until they respond from your mailings. I will show several examples of postcard marketing that I have used in the past that seem to work. The objective of this direct mail post card program is to get note holders calling you as quickly as possible.  This approach works and it works well!

There is room for anyone who is consistent and willing to work for it to make money with this business.  Do not be afraid of a little competition. Any business will have competition so if you think you can't do it because somebody else is already doing it then wake up and stop your boo hooing. Worrying about whether it will work or not is not the way to be successful with anything. Just learn what you can and understand what you are doing and then just get it done.
Lead Criteria

You must understand that there is no such thing as a qualified lead or an exclusive lead.  Unless you are involved in the sale of the note the information you receive is simply public record.  Anyone who wants to access the information can. This business will require work and effort and there is no magic bullet. The biggest thing that will pull your business down is improper expectations. If you desire to work the business from home and never leave and talk to as few people as possible you must understand something first:

  • You may be attempting to start the wrong business if you are unwilling to talk to people
  • This is not an easy and quick way to make money
  • It will cost money to take this approach

Now if you have an understanding of those two little things and you are ready to learn how it will work then let's move forward. I want you to understand what the cash flow notes lead information is first. When somebody purchases leads for any business they are purchasing a list of contact info for potential customers.
        Note Age                                               Note Dollar Amount                                                               Note State

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