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Private Mortgage Notes Information

I am often asked what information is included in our lead list. I first want you to understand that you can specify the states you prefer for your leads and the date range and dollar amount as well. I recently did a video to explain what information we include in our private mortgage note leads. That video is available here to show you a live example of our lead lists.
The private mortgage note industry is a small specific niche for investors. Like any business this venture will take a lot of work and testing with your marketing to find what works and what doesn't. As you work the business and continue to contact your list of leads you will find some who have an interest and need in selling their note for cash thus enabling you to earn the commission you desire. The most important thing to remember in this business as in any other is that you must be sure to take care of the customer. Find their needs and do all you can to meet their needs. This will help you grow your business effectively over time.
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