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Want to learn where to find cash flow notes? The answer may be easier than you think.
The cash flow notes industry has been around for centuries. Buying notes and brokering notes for investment has been a business for longer than you have been alive. So where can you find cash flow notes? There are two primary options for this business:
  • Networking
  • Direct contact
Networking is still one of the most effective ways to work any business. Making contacts for your business will help you grow strong and steady long term. It will take time to set up these relationships however and years to nurture those relationships.
The other option for finding cash flow notes is to get a list of leads and mail to the note holders on that list. Direct mail marketing has also been around for a very long time and has been consistently one of the primary ways to market to get results. This is referred to these days as push marketing. Push marketing is putting your advertisement in front of somebody regardless of their interest. This type of marketing is done in mass to note holders when you don't know if they are interested in selling a note or not.
There is another option these days to marketing. A form of pull marketing that helps your potential customers find you is creating your own website and then market and optimize that site to attract those who are looking to sell their note. All of these options require serious effort.

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